Thrill seekers: High-octane outdoor activities to try this 2017

For people who like living life to the fullest, extreme outdoor adventures are definitely at the top of their bucket list. Since they are always craving for some adrenaline overdose, here are some of the most thrilling escapades to try:



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Base Jumping. Base jumping is a combination of skydiving and cliff jumping. The low-altitude launch point gives the diver less time to deploy the parachute unlike in skydiving. This adventure can be experienced at Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.



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Aerobatic Plane. For those who want to experience adventure at a new height, this activity is definitely a go. Their pilot dreams are about to be completed when they take over the controls of an aerobatic plane. This heart-stopping ride can be done at Sky Combat Ace in Las Vegas.



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Volcano Boarding. For those who like exploring the wonders of nature, this is one unique experience that will feed excitement to their adventurous souls. Volcano boarding is quite like snowboarding but without snow. Instead, they hike up to an active volcano and slide down with a board. Daredevils can enjoy this in Nicaragua.



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Cliff Walking. This is no place for people who have fear of heights. Cliff walking is one of the most dangerous adventures in the world. Hikers go up to the sides of a series of cliffs with only narrow wooden boards to step on and steel rod ladders and carved footholds for minimal support. This death-defying experience can be done at Hua Shan Mountain in China.



There are plenty of other high-octane adventures around the world that the thrill seeker can explore—from spelunking and wall climbing, to kitesurfing and parasailing. Millennials have the advantage of a generally more agile body, but that should not stop the older ones to try these sports. Once in a while, it’s great to do things that are usually out of the comfort zone.

How to Benefit the Most from your Credit Card


In this current environment of easy credit, it’s also much easier for people to lose track of their finances. That’s what we offer in LOM.

Just a few days ago, we heard of a man named Walter Cavanagh who has 1,497 credit cards – all valid and totaling some 1.7 Million USD in credit available to him.  Good for Walter, he has been able to control his spending and he says that he only uses one credit card out of all 1,497 and pays it off every month.  Apart from improving his credit score, all those credit cards are more of a collection than a financing tool for Walter.

Unfortunately for most of us, we actually (need to) use our credit cards – and we don’t get to pay them off in full every month.

Imagine if Walter didn’t have the prudence and self-control he has. I mean, with 1.7 Million USD, you could buy a lot of nice stuff – designerclothes, the latest gadgets, the biggest TV you could find, a nice car. You could go on a nice vacation or eat at a fancy restaurant.  Imagine if Walter wanted those and actually went on a spending spree on all 1,497 credit cards.  Wow, think of all the balances and due dates he has to keep track of.  But that’s not even the main issue.  The primary concernwould be the interest expense, annual fees and late charges he would be grappling with every month.

A credit card can be a valuable tool if you use it properly.  However, mindlessly swiping it around can instantly bring you into a whole, new world of pain. It can lower your net worth, hinder your income growth, damage your credit score, pit you against collection agencies and send you into a quagmire of regretand hopelessness.

So how should you handle all the easy credit card offers coming your way? How do you best use a credit card?


  1. Understand that if you don’t have the cash in your bank (or in your mattress) to pay for something, then you have no right to buy it using your credit card. Why such a rule? It’s because a credit card is best left used as a tool for convenience rather than for financing. By using a credit card rather than withdraw from an ATM each time you pay for something, you can save on bank transaction fees.  You also avoid the hassle of rushing to a bank at an inopportune time just so you can buy some Tictacs.  And then having enough cash to match your card purchases ensures that you can pay in full, on time, without incurring any interest expense.


  1. Use credit cards to get discounts, promos and freebies.Some cards offer cash back or points. Some offer free miles and rewards. Make sure you keep updated on the benefits you can get from your cards and maximize those benefits.  Even if you have enough cash to pay straight, if your card offers zero installment, then avail of the promo. There is always the time value of money.  The longer you are able to hold on to the money for that purchase, the more interest income you earn.  The assumption, however, is that you can actually invest that money and put it to good use. Like, for example, buy some preferred shares that will earn you a dividend.  The drawback however is that you would now have to monitor your cash flows and schedule your payments going forward.  More attention and planning would be required on your part.


  1. Use credit cards to improve your credit score. Assume you don’t really need another credit card, but then a bank offers you one and you’re actually inclined to refuse. As long as you don’t need to pay an annual fee, you should accept the credit card offer and keep it activated.  Why? Because doing so will benefit your credit score.  However, there’s a big caveat here – just like what old Walter does, you must not use the card at all.  This assumes that you have a sound emotional quotient and can control yourself.  If you don’t have those qualities, then just disregard this piece of advice.


  1. Know the basic difference between a “want” and a “need.” It’s not an ideal world and sometimes you just NEED to buy something on credit because the cash isn’t there YET. When in such a predicament, it is essential that you know the difference between things you want and things you need. When you are about to buy something, try asking yourself first “What will happen if I just walked away without buying this?  How will it impact my life?  Can I live without this?”  That’s how you determine whether it’s a need or a want.  If you can live without that new headset you wanted for playing DOTA , then it’s just a want.  But if by foregoing that headset, you stop earning a living as an online Mandarin tutor, the headset is a capital investment and a need.


All these pointers seem basic enough and simple to understand.  However, it can be hard to apply them, simple as they are. Sometimes, we can get lazy or careless with monitoring and managing our cash and credit cards.  Other times, we simply lose control of our emotions and just swipe the card because it feels good at the moment.

However, we can get a better grip of those emotions that can financially derail us – as we continue to improve our understanding and awareness of the proper use of credit.

Best Online Trading Firms In The Bahamas: What To Look For

If you’re a Trader, you will notice that you will see a lot of options when it comes to the online stock trading. There are so many out there that would be handed to you including trading rooms, stocks, and the like. But whatever it is that you finally want to sink your teeth into, your best bet in gaining success in this world is having the right trading firm or broker to back you up. But before you jump into making a deal with a trading firm or broker in the Bahamas, make sure that you know what you should look for when it comes to this topic.
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The Qualities To Look For In Online Trading Firms

Capabilities: Know what you are looking for and what markets you are looking to Trade. Do you want to trade all major global markets or just local markets? If you are looking to trade Global markets then LOM Financial (Bahamas) Limited’s OPUS online System might be right for you.

Software Reliability and Speed: Since you will be dealing with stocks and other money matters through online trading, you have to make sure that the firm you are working with is fast enough to handle the deals. Aside from that, the software that they are using MUST be stable for the job. If their software is one those that crashes in the middle of an order, then you are going to be in big trouble. Also make sure system is redundant, in other words backed up by a professional Trading desk in case markets are in turmoil or trades need to be routed differently.

Settlement of Trades and Custody of assets: Sometimes this is over looked but it is extremely important that you know where your assets will be held and how your Trading firm will settle foreign transactions and handle foreign exchange requirements in markets you trade.

The Best Online Trading Firms In the Bahamas

LOM | best online trading firm

After doing some research in the Bahamas area, we found the two best in the business of online trading is Scotia iTrade and LOM’s OPUS online platform.

Scotia iTrade, online trading platform is part of Scotia Bank, a large Canadian Bank with branches all over the Caribbean and Latin America. They offer a discount platform on which you can execute trades in Canada and the United States. They also offer online banking accounts to clients in addition to trading which allows individuals to see their trading and retail account information all on one page. They also offer online tutorials on how to trade markets.

LOM Financial (Bahamas) Limited OPUS Online trading platform : LOM’s platform has been designed in house to cater to High Net work individuals looking to trade all major markets and exchanges around the globe. LOM a traditional assets manager and investment firm was one of the first companies to offer online trading capabilities from Bahamas. Designed and launched in 2009 it is known for its ease of use and execution capabilities. The benefit to investors using the OPUS Online Trading platform is the convenience to trade all North American (US & Canada), European and Asian market’s (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore) stock exchanges.

Anyone who uses their system can see and trade their account 24/7 along with their trade histories and pretty much all financial transactions. Multiple accounts can be attached to one login for use by Asset Managers and Financial Advisers. LOM’s Trade Desk for an additional fee can work difficult to execute trades in illiquid markets and can be directed to work position with in context of market.

If you, your Trust or Company is located in the Bahamas, these investment firms are your best bet if you want to trade online. Share this information with your friends today.